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Hukum Ketenagakerjaan & Hubungan Industrial

Corporate Law - Legal Aspect In Business

Hukum Pertanahan : Hak-hak Atas Tanah & Penyelesaian Sengketa

Legal Due Diligence - Legal Audit & Legal Opinion Drafting

Legal Writing & Contract Drafting

Mekanisme Penyusunan Perjanjian Dan Dokumen Hukum Dalam Menangani
Kredit Macet Oleh Perusahaan

Tatacara Beracara Perkara Perselisihan Hubungan Industrial di Pengadilan
Hubungan Industrial

Legal Aspect Of Palm Oil Plantation

Penyusunan Kontrak Bisnis, Negosiasi Dan Penyelesaian Sengketa

Legal Officer

Penyelesaian Sengketa Melalui Jalur Litigasi Hukum

Arbitrase & Alternatif Penyelesaian Sengketa

Pelaksanaan Dan Permasalahan Pengadaan Tanah / Pembebasan Lahan

Strategic Merger & Akuisisi

Hukum Pasar Modal


Legal For Non Legal

Mediasi Dan Penyelesaian Sengketa Bisnis

Hak Kekayaan Intelektual

Hukum Kontrak Konstruksi


Arbitration & Mediation : (Alternative Dispute Resolution in Business)


Executive Corporate Law For Non Lawyer


Pemahaman Terhadap UU No. 20 Thn. 2007 Tentang Perseroan Terbatas (UUPT)


Hukum Properti

Formalities Expatriate Legal Document Procedure

Penerapan GCG Dalam Kajian Hukum



Penyusunan KPI Berbasis Balanced Scorecard

Teknik Penyusunan Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Training Need Analysis (TNA) Which Comprehensive & Effective

Human Capital Management

Analisis Jabatan & Evaluasi Jabatan

General Affairs Professional Program

Performance Management

Career Management

Training For Trainer

KPI Dan Kontrak Manajemen Berbasis Kinerja Unggul & Malcolm Baldridge

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Corporate Culture And Business Ethics

Tanggung Jawab Sosial Perusahaan (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Compensation & Bennefit System

Business Etiquette And Personal Image For Professional

Analitycal Skill & Creative Thinking

HR Management Development Program

Employee Engagement

5 S : Concept & Implementation

Good Corporate Governance

GCG And ERM Fundamentals For Insurance Company

Practical Balance Scorecard

Implementing Balanced Scorecard And Developing Corporate Strategy Map

Behavioral Event Interview (BEI

Human Reability Assessment & Analysis

Analisis Beban Kerja


Kiat Praktis Menyusun Analisa Beban Kerja Dan Perencanaan Tenaga Kerja

Effective Supervisory In Changing Era

Problem Solving & Continious Improvement With PDCA & 7 QC Tools

Business Process Mapping

Making Professional Business Plan


Talent Management


Formalities Expatriate Legal Document Procedure


HR Strategis Planning & Execution

ERM Berbasis ISO 31000

Penyusunan Rencana Jangka Panjang Perusahaan (RJPP) & Penyiapan Rencana Kerja Dan Anggaran Perusahaan (RKAP)

Practical Business Plan


Creative Thinking


Monitoring & Evaluasi Penyelenggaraan Diklat Instansi

Manajemen Penggajian (Strategi, Kebijakan & Sistem Remunerasi Berbasis Merit)


Effective Supervisory Skill

Coaching & Counceling Skill


Business Etiquette And Personal Image For Professional

Powerful Team Building And Effective Leadership

Leadership Skill For High Performance 


Leadership For Supervisor & Manager

Personal Development & Attitude Excellent For High Performance

Effective Supervisory In Change Era


Problem Solving & Decision Making Process

Effective Presentation Skill

Issues Management

Jurnalistik Media Instansi / Perusahaan


Effective Public Relations

Negotiation & Lobbying Skill

The Art of Public Speaking And Excellent Presentation Skills


Desain Media Publikasi Perusahaan

Humas Dan Protokoler

Effective Communication Skills


Keprotokolan, MC & Table Manner


Professional Editing


Media Relations & Penulisan Press Release



Total Customer Service Excellent

Effective Selling & Negotiation Skill

Improving Quality of Customer Interaction

Persuasive - Selling Skill  With NLP

Professional Digital Marketing


Distributor Management


Persiapan Memasuki Masa Pensiun & Pelatihan Kewirausahaan



Training Time :

2 - 3 Januari 2019
6 - 7 Februari 2019
5 – 6 Maret 2019
1 - 2 April 2019
2 - 3 Mei 2019
11 - 12 Juni 2019
2 - 3 Juli 2019
1 - 2 Agustus 2019
3 - 4 September 2019
1 - 2 Oktober 2019
5 - 6 November 2019
3 - 4 Desember 2019

Venue (Bandung) : 

Savoy Homann, Aston Tropicana, Golden Flower Hotel, Gino Ferucci, Serela, Zodiac, Amaroossa, Grand Tjokro, Grand Preanger, Banana Inn, Verona Palace

Venue (Jakarta) :
Dreamtel Hotel International - Menteng, Puri Denpasar Hotel - Kuningan, Harris Hotel - Tebet, Hotel Menara Peninsula - Slipi, Ibis Arcadia Hotel - Thamrin, Amaris Tendean, Fave Hotel Gatot Subroto

Catatan :
Venue atau Tempat pelaksanaan training akan disertakan pada saat pengiriman Proposal / Undangan Training.

Investment Fee :
Bandung : Rp. 3.500.000,- nett / person
Jakarta   : Rp. 3.750.000,- nett / person     

Fasilitas : 

  1. Training Module
  2. Certificate
  3. Workshop Kit
  4. Training Photo
  5. Training Room with Full AC Facilities and multimedia
  6. Once lunch and twice coffee break
  7. Qualified instructor

Silahkan Isi Formulir Pendaftaran Dibawah Ini





Introduction to 5S.
5S is workplace management where the work area and workplace are organized and ritualized to minimize the loss of time and the use of movement.  Originally part of Lean manufacturing philosophy (also known as the Toyota Production System), its principles  for eliminating  wasted  time and  unnecessary  motion are universally applicable to everyone and every business.

5S is much more than ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’.  5S comprises five principles to make people highly efficient and effective in their doing work.

  1. Seiri (Sort)
    Keep near you only what you regularly use
  2. Seiton (Straighten)
    Find exactly what you need to use in less than 30 seconds
  3. Seiso (Shine)
    Have your workplace and equipment ready for immediate use
  4. Seiketsu (Standardize)
    Everyone does each job in the same way and is challenged to improve it
  5. Shitsuke (Sustain)
    Everyone does their part to foster a safe, efficient and effective workplace

This 5S course is massively effective in teaching 5S because Trainees learn what 5S is really about.  5S has only a little to do with creating a clean and tidy work area where everything is neat, near-by, and easy and fast to get to.  That is indeed what you see when you go to a great 5S work managed operation, but that is not what 5S is for.

5S is to there to help you do masterly work.  Its purpose is to help people do perfect work every time.  5S is really about:

  • Preventing mistakes that ruin a job and makes scrap and rework
  • Making sure equipment is reliable and works properly to make a perfect item every time
  • Removing and preventing useless variation in work activities and machine performance
  • Delivering exact quality products and service ever more quickly
  • Keeping people and plant safe from hazards and harm

Actually that is what every business wants.  To achieve those vital performance benefits it just happens that you need to Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain in order to create the right workplace situation that will deliver the competitive performance a business needs.

So we don’t teach course attendees that 5S is only about workplace management and cleanliness; rather we teach them that through their personal workplace practices they set themselves up to do great work.  They will help build a world-class operation whose products or service will attract new customers.  If they use 5S well they will be creating work security for themselves and building a safer, happier work environment where people make a top-quality product every time.

5S is not about being clean, tidy and neat; it is about doing excellent quality work always.
To get that awareness into Attendees we put each one into a job simulation where 5S is used.  It makes this course unique since it delivers deep understanding of why 5S  works.  Beginning with disorganized work (provided in a kit as part of the training), Attendees apply each 5S step to turn an activity that starts as a mess into a highly efficient and effective operation.

The secret to the success of our teaching method is getting Attendees to experience and  measure the effects of their 5S improvement decisions in several ways.  Equally important is working in teams where positive, open discussion develops amongst its members and people get friendly, supportive feedback from each other.  The team applies 5S by doing it  and  immediately gets  feedback on how well that worked through their measurements and seeing the effectiveness of their improvement efforts for themselves.


Important Lean Concepts
•    The 7 Wastes and Others
•    The Value Stream Concept
•    The Hidden Factory
•    Elimination of Waste and Loss with 5S
•    Our 5S Training Objectives

Purpose of 5S
•    5S Creates a Visual Factory
•    The 5S Cycle
•    5S Activities Explained
•    The Purpose and Payoff of 5S
•    Remove the Roadblocks in the Way
•    5S Program Overview

5S Program Steps
•    Workplace Observation
•    Set a Target Area Vision
•    The Power of a Shared Vision
•    What You See Before 5S
•    What You See After 5S
•    After 5S – Easy to Find, Easy to Do
•    One-Day Work Area Log

•    Sort – keep only what is needed Today
•    Red Tag Process
•    Red Tag Inspection List
•    Red Tagged Items Log
•    Decide What to do With Dispossessed Items

•    Straighten – find it fast; faster
•    Put Order and Sense into the Workplace
•    Set-in-Place to Make Life Easy
•    Visual Control of Tool Storage
•    Visual Management of Inventory and Stock
•    Straighten the Workflow
•    Straighten Check Sheet

•    Shine – see problems when they are small
•    5S Examples – Shine
•    Shine Check Sheet
•    Plan Who, What, How to Clean

•    Standardize – the same rules for all
•    Set Standards for Condition and Use of Tools and Equipment
•    Being Visual – know exactly what is happening
•    Use Visual Management  to Show Status
•    What Visual Management Would Help Here?

•    Sustain – ‘this is how we do it here
•    Weekly and Monthly Feedback on Performance
•    Workplace Measurement Checklist – tracking your performance weekly
•    Tracking Your Performance Monthly

5S Implementation
• What of Your 5S Implementation?
• Plan/Prepare 5S Kaizen Blitz



Merupakan pakar senior dan praktisi professional dari LAMBERT Consulting & Training yang sangat berpengalaman dibidangnya, dan yang telah secara bijak mengalami proses keberhasilan dan kegagalan dalam perjalanan kariernya, sehingga para peserta sekaligus akan mendapatkan :

  • Pemahaman kerangka analisis yang solid (conceptual approach) tanpa harus merasa kebingungan dibelantara ilmu.
  • Pembahasan contoh-contoh kasus nyata yang pernah terjadi dengan menggunakan kerangka analisis yang solid dan telah teruji keterandalannya.

Dengan ribuan jam terbang selama puluhan tahun, akan membuktikan bahwa materi jika disampaikan oleh trainer yang tepat, akan memberikan hasil yang sama sekali berbeda. Hal inilah yang membuktikan bahwa walaupun intitusi lain menawarkan jenis pelatihan yang sama, namun hasil terbaik hanya akan Anda dapatkan di LAMBERT Consulting & Training. (CV Trainer akan disertakan pada saat pengajuan Proposal Training)


Bank Mandiri,
KCP Bandung Taman Kopo Indah
No. Rekening : 130-00-1419609-4
NPWP : 71.680.660.9-445.000

Bukti transfer harap dikirim melalui fax atau email ke:
(022) 54415030 atau email

Catatan :

  • Pelatihan ini dapat di-customized sesuai kebutuhan perusahaan Anda bila diselenggarakan dalam bentuk In-House Training. Untuk permintaan In-House Training dengan jenis topik lainya, silahkan mengirimkan ke alamat email dibawah ini.

  • Request Training. Jika anda membutuhkan informasi pelatihan yang belum tercantum pada website ini, atau anda ingin memberikan usulan materi yang sesuai dengan tingkat kebutuhan perusahaan anda, silahkan mengirimkan ke alamat email dibawah ini.


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Purchasing And Procurement Management 

Production Planning & Inventory Control (PPIC)

Manajemen Logistik

Manajemen Pengadaan Barang & Jasa

Manajemen Persediaan Dan Administrasi Pergudangan

Manajemen Perawatan Bangunan Gedung Dan Fasilitas (Building

Inventory Management

Suply Chain Management

Distributor Management

Lean Service

Integrated Maintenance And Spareparts Management

 Lean Management

Warehousing Management

Continuous Improvement

Export - Import Procedure

Bidding Evaluation, Negotiation And Contract Award

Total Productive Maintenance

Total Preventive Maintenance

Building & Assets Management

Inventory Planning And Stock Control For Spare Part

Manufacturing Planning And Control

Procurement Management

Logistic, Stock & Inventory Management

Statistical Process Control

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Training 5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke)

Manajemen Pengelolaan Air (Water Treatment)

Perbaikan & Perawatan Instalasi Pengolahan Air Bersih

Production & Operational Management

Building Operation Excellent Through 5S / 5R Implementation


Analisis Pinjaman Dan Resiko Kredit Dana PKBL

Penerapan Prinsip Know Your Customer And Anti Money Laundering

Management Resiko Operasional Bank

Audit Kredit Bank

Operational Risk Management & Internal Control 

Credit Survey & Analysis

Mekanisme Penyusunan Perjanjian & Pembuatan Dokumen Hukum Dalam Menangani Kredit Macet Oleh Perusahaan

Antisipasi Pemalsuan Dokumen, Tanda Tangan & Mafia Fraud

Corporate Credit Analysis

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) For Banking Industry

Strategi Marketing For Funding


Financial Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting Using MS-EXCEL

Financial Management

Cashflow Management

Cashflow & Treasury Management

Cost Reduction Strategy

Key Account Management

Project Financing

Restitusi Pajak, Pemeriksaan Pajak, Keberatan, Bandung & Gugatan 

Fixed Asset Management

Account Receivable & Collection Management

Pengisian & Perhitungan SPT Tahunan PPh Badan Thn. 2018

Analisa Laporan Keuangan

Business Combination & Consolidation Financial Reporting

Practical Budgeting Technique & Cost Control


Quality Assurance For Internal Audit Department

Internal Audit Integrated QHSE Management System Based On ISO 19011:2011

Internal Audit ISO 45001:2018 Based on ISO 19011:2011

Internal Quality Audit ISO 9001:2015

Understanding & Implementing ISO 45001:2018




Marketing & Sales Produk Industri Migas

Gas Dispersion Analysis

Oil & Gas Handling Facilities

Petroleum Plant & Pipeline Security Management

Gas Turbin Operation & Maintenance

Contract Management, Strategy And Administration For Oil & Gas

Gas Dehydration And Glycol Refeneration

Basic Surface Safety System

Lubrication Training



Calculating Project Owner Estimate (OE / HPS) With Microsoft Project Application

 Scheduling And Controlling Project Using Primavera (P6)

Manajemen Proyek

Practical Project Evaluation And Financing

Project Planning & Scheduling

Software Project Management

Essentials of Project Management

IT Project Management



Modern Office Administration And Filling System

Filling Management For Secretary And Administration Staff

Business Writing Skill

Report Writing Skill

Effective Secretarial Skills

Professional Secretary Skills

Professional Writing

Administrasi Perkantoran


K 3

Authorised Gas Testing

Training K3 Rumah Sakit


Basic of Health & Safety


Industrial Hygiene


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